So much has been written about anxiety so I will keep this short .When you are always on the move and struggling to balance your work and home lives, it may be hard to tell whether you’re stressed or anxious. Stress, worry, anxiety, doubt, fear, panic and embarrassment release the same hormones in the brain: adrenaline and cortisol. (This was my personal experience with anxiety, unfortunately I did not recognise the symptoms until one day I realised I could not continue to function this way, I could not physically get out of bed). If this is ongoing the adrenal fatigue may advance to immune system compromise and life becomes a struggle.

Experiencing an anxiety attack can be a self perpetuating cycle: once you’ve had one, you’re always on edge in fear that you’ll have another one.

A combination of mental and physical changes that can take you out of the cycle of waiting for the next anxiety attack can have long term permanent life enhancing qualities.

For much of human history, anxiety only came in times of extreme danger—it was an evolutionary human response to help us survive. But in modern times, it’s rare that our lives are under direct threat that we need to be that anxious.

Anxiety or worry is the body’s way of helping. From getting ready to Freeze, Fly or Fight a “bear, a tiger, a speeding car or some real danger. But there is no actual danger and the thought must be challenged.

Panic attacks are being scared about a thought not a reality. WE have a choice as to how we deal with our thoughts. You only have a habit of thought. You have been given the privilege of complete control over your mind.

The fastest way out of it after telling yourself the truth about your thoughts is to change your physical state by:

  1. Breathe in for the count of 4, hold for the count of 4, breath out for the count of 4 and repeat 9 times.
  2. Challenge the thought. Is it real? Happening right now? What is really happening in your environment right now. What can you see, smell, hear, taste, feel right now? Look at your physical surroundings, people you are with, the task you have to do right now, what clothes you are wearing. Rather than positive thinking the antidote to worry/anxiety/panic is accurate thinking. So, what is accurate and truthful in this moment?
  3. Decide what you want to feel in advance. The emotional place that you want to get to, for example is it excitement? Is it calm? Is it bodily calm and mental clarity, is it a fun state or a focused state? And then have a mental action plan about how to get there, the type of self-talk you gift to yourself.
  4. Practice it, write it down, prepare it and rehearse it-verbally and mentally.
  5. You must put in place a daily routine that honours you, it is NOT negotiable. You have to exercise even if it’s a light walk, dancing, yoga, sunlight and you have to sleep properly every single night. Consider this as a prescription, as natural medicine. It must be done to be 100% committed to yourself because you are worth it.
  6. Seek some professional nutritional advice. Integrative medicine takes a wholistic approach to healing. A healthy fresh diet low in sugar and stimulants and additives really impacts physical and mental resilience. (Please fill out the contact form if you would like more steps to support you.)

If your stress, worry, nervousness, discomfort, (or whatever you call it) is negatively affecting your life, causing headaches, affecting your relationships, sleep, mood, or eating, or if it’s making your mind race, your suffering is too high. It is worth seeking anxiety treatment to get rid of it.

Nobody wants to live life with crippling anxiety. Life with anxiety is too hard and, you do NOT have to “learn to live with it.”

While you are following the above steps, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Surround yourself with people you can talk to, including family, friends, a counsellor or your doctor. Worry in your head is much more intense than worry that has been talked out!

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