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  • Transformation Hypnotherapist
  • Counsellor
  • Healing Touch Practitioner

I am passionate about helping people overcome the blocks holding them back from having a truly fulfilling life. Experienced in supporting people through grief, anxiety, trauma and depression and lack of purpose on their journey.

Over the past twenty five years I continue to work closely with people at all stages of their life. I understand how emotional issues can steal ones passion for life and create distress and a feeling of overwhelming helplessness. Honouring your privacy and safety with respect and compassion.

I utilise a multidisciplinary results driven approach to uncover the root cause of anxiety, depression and loss of direction.  I support clients in understanding the limiting beliefs and self-destructive behaviours that can be holding them back from having a vibrant life and assist with gaining confidence, quickly and effectively. I have experience with clients working through issues regarding body image and ageing, sleeping, sitting for exams, going for a job interview, stopping smoking and over eating and developing the most important areas of life including self-belief, key relationships and career.

“Vivid dreams had been haunting me since a very young age. Over the years it had progressed into irrational negative thinking, causing me to have an intense fear of death. I was aware of transformation hypnotherapy but it wasn’t until I spoke with Jodi that I felt completely comfortable to go ahead with it.  After just one session with Jodi, my head finally feels clear and I have been able to sleep without fear. I’m more energised and approach every situation with a more positive outlook. Not only did Jodi help me with my current concerns, she gave me tools that I can implement to overcome situations that may arise in the future. I will be forever thankful to Jodi for the positive impact she has had on my life.”


“When I sought help from Jodi Gibbs, I was suffering from stress and anxiety caused from the aftermath of relationship difficulties (to say the least!) When I contacted Jodi about the hypnotherapy, I was at first concerned about the treatment process, but Jodi’s gentle and calming manner reassured me greatly.  Now after the treatment I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and it’s like the burden of guilt and suffering is gone forever.

I have moved forward in my life in such a positive and energetic way that I feel that there is nothing to hold me back any longer!
Thank you Jodi for helping me discover my new amazing life!  I would absolutely recommend Jodi Gibbs to YOU.”

Linda • Health and Fitness Educator

“When I sought help from Jodi Gibbs, I was suffering from nail biting. I had concerns about Hypnotherapy but I decided to work with Jodi because of her warm, caring personality. I’m so glad I did because after 1 session, I now have beautiful, long, strong nails and feel confident within my workplace as I use my hands a lot! She helped me find the underlying reason I was biting my nails and smash it. Jodi made me feel very calm and safe throughout my treatment with her. I am now more relaxed in general, calm when speaking to people and I no longer feel embarrassed by my hands and the habit I used to have. I highly recommend contacting Jodi if you are considering Hypnotherapy.”


“I went to see Jodi for treatment for anxiety after a traumatic child hood and abusive first marriage. I tried a lot of different things over the years to help, spent a lot of money and time and at the age of 70 thought there was no help for me. I was at a point in my life where I was willing to try anything to feel better. And after talking with Jodi felt safe to proceed.
It was an instant cure for me although Jodi explained healing would occur in one of three ways. I felt a great release after the session and felt lighter. I noticed over the following two weeks listening to the recording, I was feeling calm but the surprise that followed has changed my life. My hands healed. I am a dressmaker and at times the splits in my hands were so bad I could not sew let alone button a shirt, it was so painful. My only regret is not meeting Jodi sooner.
I cannot recommend having a session with Jodi Gibbs highly enough.”


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